Miscellaneous Stuff
In Print
Beckham appeared in an American Kennel Club print ad as a puppy.  Can you say “star potential?”

Going Hollywood
Beckham and Leyna hit the big time as part of this Verizon Blackberry Storm commercial.  Look for them at 0:13 (and at the start).  Leyna is the Red smooth girl from Rose Farm and Beckham is a Wagsmore dog.
Services we Like
You do not get to experience over 21 years in dogs without a little help from your friends.  Here are some links to people and services that we have found helpful or we believe in what they are doing.

Lams Dog Training - www.lamsdogtraining.com
We have known Tom and Kay for nearly 20 years now and have gone to many of their handling seminars.
Gail has some great ideas on keeping your dogs healthy and happy.
Other Things
Good local business and causes need community support more than ever.  Here are a couple of our favorites.
Molly Ward Garden - www.mollywardgardens.com
Our favorite dining place in Poulsbo
www.nkfishline.org - Helping local families in need

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Reading Corner
Some good Dachshund related reading 

Farewell to Fritzie
Written by our friend Cosette Sprague
The Ladies
In addition to feeding us breakfast, our chickens provide hours of mindless fun

Their page will change from time to time.  Please visit again later.

About the Art
The lovely picture of Mary was done by Pencil Art Plus.  If you’d like to add a memorable work to your collection, please contact:
M. E. Pierce-Ruhland Koehlinger
PencilArt Plus