Available Puppies or Adults

Inquiries from exceptional forever companion homes are always welcome.

Please know that we do not ship sight unseen which means that we will meet in person.  It is important that you get to meet your companion in person.  It is a lifetime decision to add a companion to your family so being able to meet and spend time with us and the puppy is a positive part of the experience and allows you to ask questions.

Introducing Ozzie and Toffee - Sometimes things happen in life that force you to have to make the difficult decision to have to let your dogs go.  We have a friend who is experiencing that now and we are trying to help her find homes for both.

Ozzie (the black and tan) is 12 years old and Toffee is 10.  They are house trained, love to go for walks and are generally agreeable and are in great health for their ages.  They do well apart from each other but of course it would be awesome if they could find a situation where they could remain together.  



A sample of our companion agreement can be seen here